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Working in the recruitment industry, we understand more than most the big decisions that are involved in relocating either independently, with friends or with a family - this is what we do on a daily basis!

At goose&chase we believe that the most valuable and accurate advice is not found online or from someone that may have lived in the GCC many years ago. It is found by talking to and engaging with people who are on the ground NOW and can offer up-to-date, relevant professional insights that are tailored to your personal needs.


Since 2011, we have head-hunted and supported the international relocation of over 200 professionals from all over the world to the GCC. However over the years, the GCC has evolved and the general hiring practices that were applied in 2011 are often not relevant in today's world. We have also evolved and shaped our approach accordingly.

We appreciate and understand that moving to another part of the world means you will need to build a new life as well as embark on an exciting career journey. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively and transparently communicate the challenges, risks and opportunities involved in relocating to the region so you can have as much relevant information required before making your move.

Each GCC country has it's own culture and way of life, we can help you gain a better understanding of how that might be as you prepare to relocate. We can provide advice on various personal topics ranging from children's schooling to popular residential areas for families. We are always on hand to offer our personal support in order to make your transition a smooth one.

Get in touch for free and we will try to help with  any questions you might have:



Security. Big data. Cloud technologies. What inspires you?

It’s our job to understand how you work

Technology is constantly evolving. Your career needs to keep up.

That’s why each of our Consultants specialises in a specific IT sector. And why we’ll take the time to understand your career goals and how you work.

In other words: we know how to place you in the right role to suit your skills, experience and personal preferences.

We’re looking for leaders across the IT industry. If you’re looking for your next big opportunity, find it with us.



Research the company in depth ahead of time

Print a copy of the job description and your CV

Check who the interviewer is and find their profile on Linkedin

Arrive on time or 10-15 minutes earlier if possible

Turn your mobile phone off

Introduce yourself courteously

Smile during the interview

Do not talk over or interrupt the interviewer

Demonstrate enthusiasm to learn and progress

Prepare 10 relevant questions to ask at the end

Thank the interviewer at the end

goose&chase, Office 404, Building B, Al Saaha Offices, Burj Khalifa District, Dubai, UAE. PO BOX 487177

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