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The CV Checklist Workbook

The CV Checklist Workbook


Get my CV Checklist workbook which includes a helpful checklist to keep you on track and ensure that you've completed every step of your CV.


We all know writing a CV is a LONG, TEDIOUS, TIME-CONSUMING and almost NEVER-ENDING process.


Let's be really clear.

If you want to attract your ideal role you absolutely must put in the effort to create a great CV. It's your personal page, and your best opportunity to sell yourself and the value you can bring to any future employer that you want to hire you.

I have teamed up with some of the leading companies around the world, to deliver a complete and comprehensive CV Checklist workbook that helps YOU with everything you need to know on how to create a winning CV and start attracting those high-quality inbound job leads.


I have created this workbook so you can clearly see a start and finish line - once the CV Checklist is completed your CV is baked and ready to be released into the world. No questions asked.



During my career, I have successfully helped more that 3,000 people secure new jobs and during this time I have seen MILLIONS of CV's, from all corners of the world - from Poland to Peru, from Australia to Azerbaijan and from Sweden to South Africa.


This has helped me build my proven, winning CV formula that really works to help you get on the map and start generating the job leads you are after.


This is a complete, simple guide to writing your whole CV, section by section, using checkboxes and helpful tips and pointers, so you cannot go wrong.


Being the 'Solution'

📍 Understanding what a hiring company wants when they are hiring.

📍 Deciding what is the solution that YOU bring.

📍 Identifying your uniqueness.


CV Checklist


📍 A comprehensive check-list of what you need to be thinking about in each section of your CV.

📍 Spaces included to jot down your bright ideas, studious notes or bursting inspiration.


CV Power Words


📍 Top words you should be using in your CV to demonstrate your highly desirable qualities.

📍 Spaces included to jot down your genius ideas, smarty-pants notes or dazzling inspiration.


CV Adverbs


📍 Top words you should be using in your CV to emphasise certain relevant aspects of your experience.

📍 Space included to jot down your ground-breaking ideas, sharp notes or remarkable inspiration.


This is guaranteed to be the most fulfilling checklist that you ever use to write your CV, you will want to tell all your friends how great it was.....AND it is the very best thing you will do for yourself and your career this year.


Grab a copy of your CV Checklist workbook NOW!

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