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Exec Search

Our executive search services are built to support you in identifying and attracting unique leaders, determine their organisational and cultural fit and who can help to release your organization's full potential.

Each search engagement is customized to the specific objectives and dynamics of your needs. We have a range of tools and proprietary techniques which allow us to conduct a rigorous assessment of candidates' track records, knowledge, abilities and potential. 


Our clients and candidates value us for our expertise, valuable insight, honest advice and commitment to their success. Nearly two-thirds of our assignments are for clients for whom we have done previous work and this further enables us to utilise our network to attract the professionals that you need and that have the ability to turn around a business, build high-performing teams or create a culture that fosters innovation.

Once our search is completed successfully our personal commitment to you as an organisation does not end. We are passionate about long-term relationships and we are also excited to observe the journey and long-term impact that a great leader can have on an organisation. 


Our service offering goes far beyond onboarding and we make every effort to fully immerse your new hire into the business and culture to support leaders in getting off to their best possible start.

To learn more about the Executive Search services we offer, please get in touch below:



With experience recruiting across the GCC region since 2011, we are uniquely positioned to help identify and attract professionals at the middle to upper levels of management, in both single-search and multiple managed search projects which are becoming increasingly popular.

Our thorough and highly proactive search process offers our clients unrivaled access to active and passive candidate pools across the globe. We partner with our clients to understand exactly what they need from the talent we are sourcing both from a professional and also culture fit perspective which gives us an excellent success rate in each role we recruit and provides our clients best-in-class shortlists to review and ultimately hire. 

You will be assigned one point of contact who will be engaged on the search. This person will understand the region implicitly and will seek to understand the your business, organisational culture and hiring requirement down to the very last detail.


You will receive regular communication via your preferred channel; email, phone or social media to keep you in the loop of the current status (even when there is no update!).


Most importantly of all, we will be out there in the market as an extension of your business, promoting your organisation and seeking you the best talent available.

For a more detailed look at the types of roles that we have experience recruiting across the GCC please click below:

Project Hiring


Our tried and tested outsourced recruitment solutions, can include anything ranging from:



We have the ability to scale up quickly, adopt a highly flexible and customisable recruitment service and we partner with you and your organisation to optimise employer and candidate experience to ensure we never compromise on quality.


We will support you in quickly responding to your strategic recruitment needs, meet tight timelines and support any specific or unforeseen business challenges that may arise, such as:


  • creating a start-up

  • critical projects

  • a merger or an acquisition event

  • corporate relocation

  • geographical expansion

  • new product launch

  • or simply just a capacity gap.

Our solutions seek to align talent strategies with business strategies to bring the right talent into your organization while reducing recruitment costs.

To request our client testimonials or learn more about our vast experience in 'Project Recruitment', get in touch!

Custom Made


With our clients in mind we have created our 'Custom Made' service because every business has its own identity and you should be able to have a bit of flexibility and freedom when you decide to hire!


  • Not sure which recruitment model is going to best suit your business needs and cater to the unique challenges that your organisation are facing?

  • Maybe you would like some open, honest advice on how you can build a team from scratch with high intensity but without spending an absolute fortune? 

  • Is your company evaluating whether it would be beneficial to build remote technology hubs around the world to deliver instead of building a team on the ground in the GCC?

We LOVE working on new innovative projects and thrive on finding new ways to attract the best talent, plus we have the experience and knowledge to back it up! Whatever it is that might be on your mind then let us know.


We would love to hear your thoughts and share our own insights, just how a true partnership should work - let's talk!

goose&chase, Office 404, Building B, Al Saaha Offices, Burj Khalifa District, Dubai, UAE. PO BOX 487177

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